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I am so happy you are here!  Look around and see what I have that might be able to help you de-clutter your head, heart, and home.  

Helping you find the freedom from clutter is my passion!  

Available Products

Sentimental Stuff Solution

Have you ever looked at all the sentimental things around you and wondered how in the world could I ever part with any of this? Does the thought of getting rid of any photos, books, or children's artwork cause you to break into a sweat?  Do you feel like letting go means you are not honoring your loved one?

The Sentimental Stuff Solution is here to help.  With 20 step-by-step videos and a worksheet, you will be able to analyze and process each category of sentimental stuff to walk you through the process of what you want to keep and what you can part with. 

The videos not only walk you through the stuff, but your emotions as well, since typically your thoughts and emotions are the reason you are mired and paralyzed The Sentimental Stuff Solution is your answer to finally having the things surrounding you that you most value and love.  

The Practical Guide to Getting Your Affairs in Order

"The Practical Guide to Getting Your Affairs in Order" is what you need for your peace of mind and for those who manage your affairs to oversee them with more confidence and less confusion.

Download this guide and it will allow you to put all your important information in one spot.

14 Questions to Ask About Clutter

These questions really are powerful in the clutter battle.

Arm yourself with this mighty weapon.....FREE 14 Questions to Ask About Clutter. 

Don't keep wondering if you should keep an item, ask these questions and you will know the answer.  

Current Life Assessment

Often times we drift through our days without a thought about being intentional about how we are living our lives.  One day turns into a week turns into a month and before you know it, your life is passing you by.  The Current Life Assessment helps you look at segments of your life to see what areas are out of balance and need your attention. When you complete the Current Life Assessment, you can use it as a guide to live life more fully and purposefully.  

Gift Certificate

There is someone you love who is dealing with clutter in their home, heart, or head.   

A gift certificate for life coaching or organizing is the perfect gift.  What better way to say I love you than to give the gift of hope, peace, and freedom!  

***Once your purchase is complete, you will receive, through email, a gift certificate download. 

Holiday Label

Christmas is here and then it's gone.  You have to put up all the decorations you have so beautifully displayed during the holidays.  This year, use these Holiday Decorations Label to identify what is in each box so it is much easier to find what you need when holiday decorating time rolls around next year!  Just print these out, fill them out and attach them to each of your boxes, it's easy and well worth a few minutes of your time!  

Attack the Stacks

This self-paced course walks you through every type of paper giving you specific guidelines to help you purge your paper piles and create systems to keep the piles from coming back. 

Bill Pay Checklist

Do you need a way to track your bills and payments?  Download my FREE Bill Pay Checklist and always know the bills you've paid and those you haven't.  

Clutter-Hoarding Scale from ICD

The Institute for Challenging Disorganization has put together this excellent resource guide for you to decide if you have moved from just cluttering to hoarding.  

Holiday Cleaning Checklist

Everyone wants their home to look its best during the holidays.

Download this checklist to help your home sparkle and shine.  

Moving Checklist

Experts agree that moving is one of the top 5 stressors in life. 

Download this FREE Moving Checklist to help make this process much less stressful.  

Packing Checklist

Who wants to make all the plans for that dream vacation and not have exactly what they need?

Download this FREE Packing Checklist to make packing a breeze.  


Do you know what your values are?  

Take a look at this worksheet to determine your values. 

Knowing your values and applying them to your everyday life, will allow you to live your best life.  

Weekly De-Clutter Challenge E-book

  • Do you get overwhelmed when de-cluttering?
  • Do you get stuck when trying to decide what to keep and what to let go?
  • Have you tried de-cluttering in the past,  but stopped because you didn't know how?

The Weekly De-clutter Challenge E-book is the answer.

Follow along with the weekly de-clutter categories to clear your clutter methodically and one step at a time.  

In each section, you will find a category to de-clutter, questions to ask yourself to decide if you should keep it or let it go, and recommendations for organizing.  

The Clutter Clearing Journal

Clutter clearing is less about the stuff and more about what you think about the stuff. 

Journaling will help you uncover the thoughts you have about the clutter.  

Journaling will allow you to put your thoughts down on paper and get them out of your head so you can look at them objectively and see what is holding you back. 

This journal is a 30-day guided journal.  Dig deep, answer honestly, and see what new thoughts you can have about your clutter and how you approach all your stuff.   

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